An introduction to the feature factory

From my experience, project failures mainly come from having mistrust between teams. Therefor lead time due to team availability to solve dependencies increases.

A kanban is a way to illustrate the needed interactions between teams to complete a feature.

In this post, I would like to tell you what helped me, how we succeed to engage all the skills needed to develop a product. We'll talk about agility, about lean, about problems.

Creating a visual feature flow

Define the steps

It always comes to showing

Showing where we are

Showing where are the problems

Showing what next the team has to do

Talking is hard, comprehension between two people is hard. How many times a developper came back to the product owner to ask a few questions left in his ticket? How many times a designer was asked to update a design to see how the app will react for a specific edge case?

Dear developers, how clear is it for you the way you build an app?

You may answer "Easy! There are few steps:"

  1. Talking to the client
  2. Getting the design
  3. Coding
  4. deploying to users

But how exactly? What does "talking to the client" really mean? And "coding" ?

In lean, one particular important concept is Visual Management: doing by seeing. For that, we want to be clear on how we work.

May I ask you some questions?

First, can you name your different step before having your app in production?

  • In production